The smart phone is an ubiquitous part of the modern way of life and to ignore its significance from a military perspective can be short sighted and comes with its own perils of unmanaged and unmonitored technologies compromising our security. Many militaries world over have recognized this and come up with various innovative solutions to manage this. The Pentagon launched the Transformative Apps program under the DARPA umbrella. The TransApp mission, as stated on DARPA's website, is to "develop a diverse array of militarilyrelevant software applications using an innovative new development and acquisition process." Other Western militaries and the PLA have also embarked on programs to garner the immense potential of the smart phone while trying to manage the security aspects of this technology.

The Secumobile project is the first of many steps that can usher in the blossoming of an indigenous innovation ecosystem for preparing the military for an Infowar era. To realize the full potential of this proposal the military should plan for its own app store where developers can contribute. This proposal can be made to work in a selected few smart phone models or can also support a custom made/manufactured indigenous handset that is ruggedized as per military specifications. The project can also plug a major threat to own security by the unmanaged proliferation of smart phones in the military and also revolutionise CI ops with live streaming video and secure means of communication upto the last soldier.

The SecuMobile is also useful to other government organisations and corporates which need to escape the global surveillance network. Such a communication device and the ICT stack behind it has immense potential to guard the privacy, ensure security, protect IPR and also make any organisation become a smart force that can garner the sensor data flows of the SecuMobile for highly customised apps in a secure fashion.

Secumobile isn’t just a change in the mobile phone, it is a change in how corporate or the military world should communicate in the mobile world, where the last mile has always been treacherous and open to surveillance. Welcome to the world of a 4G mobile based corporate LAN with security measures provided similar to a corporate LAN at a fixed location.

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