Gaming Industry

Online gaming poses an array of risks to the industry—but it also represents the next step in gaming's evolution. With heightened concern over the security of internet based information, how can gaming businesses provide immersive gaming experiences for the player while protecting their own assets and reputation? And how can government, regulators and gaming businesses create information security and governance processes that give confidence that no one is undermining the system?

Gaming businesses and regulators need to take lessons from other industries with high security risks—like finance and banking. To provide a safe gaming environment, you need a strategy that goes beyond what services to offer and how to offer them – one that considers the technologies, processes and governance structures that will ensure players and operators are well protected from online threats.

Connecting the Player

The next generation of players are tech-savvy and able to merge in-person and virtual activities more readily than ever before. To be successful in the future, gaming organizations need to understand the lifecycle of their players—who they are, how and when they want to interact, and what security risks they fear when they interact online (e.g. providing financial or credit card information). Gaming business can use this knowledge to create alignment across multiple platforms and to underpin the technology architecture needed to provide a safe and secure gaming environment that enhances player connectivity while reducing risks.

Understanding the Risk
As technology continues to evolve and gaming offerings move online, the risks associated with cyber-security

will only grow. New innovations, pairing of existing and newer systems, and increasing collaboration across businesses only adds to the complexity of the risk landscape.

To be cyber-secure, gaming businesses need to be on top of emerging technologies and their associated risks. One-off solutions aren't enough. Technologies used in the front and back offices need to be aligned to providea secure and seamless player experience, in person and virtually. Gaming industry participants can look to other industries, such as banking, to see how risks are identified and managed in an online environment considered constantly under attack.

Protecting Data
To protect data, gaming business need to understand what the data is, where it stored who might want it and how it could be acessed. Putting up a wall around confidential information is no longer a simple or completely secure solution – especially as the gaming industry collaborates more to align offering with a player centri model.

Organizations need to look at cyber-security as more than a way to manage regulatory compliance. Instead they should consider implementing a risk based approach to compliance – one that considers a manges risks across people, process, distribution and data. This risk based approach can help an organization integrate risk management activities across functional and services lines and form the basis for providing appropriate training for all employee.

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