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The Defence Industry has unique needs in ICT that can only be met by trusted indigenous industry. The whole world caters for these needs by creating PPP ecosystems around domestic industry. Dbaux Technologies is one of the few companies that have remained 100 percent indigenous and have invested in creation of their appliances by customising open source platforms. Dbaux is also committed to developing technologies that meet the actual requirements of the defence industry by developing niche products for our customers rather than giving them COTS soulutions.

Our team of engineers has created some of the largest OS development projects in the world. Our team will comprehend your requirements and needs and will develop a customized solutions. We also maintain a custom Debian Linux and Open BSD UNIX based distributions modified by Dbaux that has built into better security, stability, performance, driver/device support, regional language support and usability changes. We provide customization services on Android as well.

The customized operating system will not only assure protection from any attacks but will also identify any possible threat to the system or the network. The system, once installed, will automatically limit the access and usage as per profile. There will be strict scrutiny on all the users and any malware will be detected before it can do any harm. The threat surface is controlled by limiting network access as per profile.

Some of the products are:

Carrier grade UTMs
OS Agnostic Domain Controller
OS Agnostic End Point Management system
Avrak OS - A Customized Mobile OS on carrier agnostic encrypted network stack
Load Balanced encryption appliances for managing connectivity among geographically distributed locations.

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