Cyber Security Solutions

Trust and Resilience are key to Critical Information Infrastructure(CII) protection. Dbaux is a company with an entire suite of cyber-security products based on these principles. Dbaux has leveraged the same expertise in creating the following appliances to meet the stringent military specifications.

SL9900 - Seculink UTM
Customizable Carrier Grade UTMs which can handle 40 Gbps or more data with 40000 firewall rules is no ordinary feat. Securing critical installations isn’t either. Our rugged UTMs work seamlessly at inhospitable regions as well as in corporate offices. The seamless ability to provide User Identity based network security policies when integrated with SL3150 servers is unmatched currently.

Features like Network Analyser to detect and take actions on DDOS, WAF, Antivirus, Load Balanced Uplinks, QOS, Deep packet Inspection and Client-Site and Site-Site VPNs place our UTMs among the very best in the carrier grade UTMs with very attractive pricing.

SL3150 - SecuLink OS Agnostic Domain Server
The appliance has the ability to administer and monitor a domain across geographical locations with a tree structure based off technologies reviewed by thousands of experts in the open source domain. The server is scaled to meet the needs of thousands of users in organisations which demand security across distributed regions. Integration with Seculink UTMs provide the unattached ability to integrate domain and network policies based off User Identity. SL1200 EPM Servers provide policy enforcement and management features on the end user machines.

SL1200 - End Point Management Server
The appliance gives you an upper hand while installing servers and client operating system in an OS agnostic environment. We offer device management & lock down, agent-based update mechanisms, patch management, policy & configuration management, asset management and a highly secure multi-factor authentication based single Sign-on System. SL1200 appliances has the unique ability to create custom policy enforcement features in an OS Agnostic organization, all from a single appliance.

SM4000 - SecuMobile Product Suite
This product suite provides the entire secure framework needed to have a Secure Corporate Mobile Network which overcomes the security issues related to insecure GSM stack and SS7 protocols. With the custom hardened mobile OS with firmware and boot loader modifications using a secure network stack with the Secure Network Framework of Secumobile Product Suite, the modern secure mobile office is here to be embraced. Features include unique play store for each customer, ability to change encryption standards for the mobile as well as communication and the entire stack customized for each customer’s needs.

CyberSecurity Audit
Based on the continuous vast experience gained in cyber security, Dbaux can help your organization meet the stringent requirements needed to safeguard, monitor and audit the cyber security framework within your organization.

Customized Operating System. Our customized operating system for desktops and mobiles will help you in handling triple-digit million users with Petabytes of data per day which has very levels of Trust and Resilience.

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